Verses for Country Girls 

“Choose a chapter from a banned book and visually interpret it as a digitally dynamic book. The chapter should resonate with you for some reason or encapsulates what you believe to be its inciteful nature.”

International Society of Typographic Desigeners -  ‘Banned Books’ Brief 2017

Verses for Country Girls is a response to The Country Girls, the debut novel by Irish literature giant Edna O’Brien, banned in Ireland by the Irish Censorship Board upon its release in 1960. The influence of the church and state is present in both the narrative of the original novel, and its reception on publication.

The 1960’s style prayer book, containing 33 verses, sits upon on a retrofitted prie-dieu. Within the prayer book, Caithleen, the protagonist of The Country Girls has left handwritten passwords, allowing the reader to access the web content, which is an exploration of Chapter 9 of O’Brien’s ground-breaking novel.

The issues raised are centred around women, their sexuality and morality. These issues remain very present in the Ireland of 2017, over half a century later, where reproductive rights are still being fought for.

CV Sketchspace

“Design an exciting new way to support, encourage or stimulate learning throughout people’s lives in the future. How can we change the expectation for retraining and reskilling at various points throughout their life courses so that people can move into new roles?”

Royal Society of the Arts -  ‘Learning for Life’ Brief 2018

CV Sketchspace
is a hands-on method of introducing lifelong learning to young people while helping them realise their skills and potential. Taking the shape of a common school-yard paper-craft, it helps young people gather their thoughts and build their confidence before diving into traditional CV building.

It comprises of a take-home paper-craft as well as an accompanying workshop or a DIY instrcutional website.

Step 1: Doodle about your life journey onto the large open sheet, following the loose categories of skills, qualities, achievements and experience.

Step 2: Use the special paper-craft technique to fold up the CV Sketchspace
(think school-yard fortune-teller origami).

Step 3: Play with the movable folds and corners to synthesise the contents of your first CV!

Quantify over Quality

“The self isn’t the only thing, it’s not even most things.
If we want to act more efectively in the world we have to get to know ourselves better.”

- Gary Wolf, WIRED

Quantify over Quality
is an exhibition-based final year project displayed at NCAD Graduation Showcase 2017. 

Whether it’s happening consciously or unconsciously, almost every aspect of modern life is being measured. Why is this information collected and what is it used for? Through experimental life-logging, this project looks at what insights can be gleaned from such activities, with a particular emphasis on measuring an abstract concept – happiness.

Through three exhibition pieces, CONTENT?, HAPPY? and SATISFIED?, this self-led project explored the practice of measuring happiness through print, digital and experiential design. It was inspired by the work of designer Nicholas Felton and supported by my undergradauate thesis ‘Visualising the Quantified Self: The Influence of Lifelogging on Information Design’.


Imbibe, verb:
to drink (alcohol),  to absorb or assimilate (ideas or knowledge).

presents Imbibe, an accompanying publication, website and event to the Visual Communication Grad Show 2017. Imbibe focuses on the relationship between the pub and designers, especially that between the students of the graduating class and the pubs of Dublin 8. Imbibe is a collaboration between a team of these students.

This is a place of ideas. A place of celebration and commiseration. The Visual Communication class of 2017 have sought its doors and discourse many times. Where opinions act as intellectual currency and conversation flows as freely as anything else. The final forum in our screen obsessed society and a service open to all who need it. Where students become teachers, and the teachers become students.It is a hub of creativity and open discussion. A place to sit, and listen, and share. Everyone is welcome here.

Vertical Unit

A skiwear identity project originating in Zurich, Switzerland.
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Perched at the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the Vertical Unit team set out on an adventure with one clear objective. To create the best quality, on-trend eyewear and apparel for people who demand and expect more out of life. Our Ethos is simple. The very best quality, engineering and style shouldn’t cost the earth. When you buy a Vertical Unit product, you help support the team who continue to innovate and develop these great products.